Nah, August is already in the middle of the month.

Today is already August 14th, right?

Time goes by so fast yeah.
Next three days will be 17 August, so you know what day is it? It’s Indonesia Independence Day and there are many things special this month. Like, Lebaran or Idul Fitri XDDD I’m Muslim, so I wait for Lebaran Day. As usuall, Lebaran from year to year always go to my father’s hometown in Magelang Jawa Tengah.

And this month, I will be Colleger in Universitas Brawijaya, Japanese Literature Class. I don’t know why I choose this. Japan.. you know, it’s out of my dreams used to (yeah I have 10 aspirations). Maybe because of Kanjani8 or my Japanese Sensei in High School or just my regretĀ fails to elect to go to Japan?? I just don’t know.

Just run what you choose, Shabchan!! Gambatte naaaa!!

Just go and ride on time~